Re: Anan 10E and SDRConsole

Mario Illgen <dl3lsm@...>

Hi Jim,

if you upload the new firmware (for Thetis) on your ANAN-10E(E) it will only work with Thetis and Simons software (and piHPSDR). It will not work with the existing versions of PowerSDR and cuSDR.. The new firmware and Thetis are still in beta testing and not released to the general user base..

73, Mario DL3LSM

2017-02-10 15:14 GMT+01:00 bentley.jim@... [sdr-radio-com] <sdr-radio-com@...>:


Hi Barry,
         I have an Anan 10EE which I believe is a 10E with an added E hi but the question is the same, from your
reply I need to upload the Thetis firmware to my box, will it still work with  the likes of PowerSDR and CuSDR ?
as well as wspr ? from your previous answer I assume that it will, but I've been caught out with assumption's before hi not a nice thing to happen, thanks for your time.

73's Jim G4JIX.

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