Re: Audio stuttering despite low CPU/GPU + 2 questions

Allan Isaacs

I noticed an audio problem Simon. V3 build 570. With the aerial unplugged from the SDR Play there’s always a spike at the centre of the screen. Noise floor -125dB, spike -95dB.

If for example 198KHz Radio 4 is tuned at the screen centre the spike mixes with the broadcast producing very rough audio.

Shift the 200KHz marker off centre and the 198KHz audio is clean again. Any signal at screen centre suffers from the same effect. Maybe this is being reported as audio stuttering?

Allan G3PIY

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1)      There was an issue with stuttering, I seem to remember that this was due to too much disk activity, I plan to reduce stutter on playback when I have time.

2)      Favourites: Ribbon bar, Tools, Files, user Folder

3)      Features in the future – who knows, no promises


Simon Brown, GK4ELI


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Subject: [sdr-radio-com] Audio stuttering despite low CPU/GPU + 2 questions



Hello Group,


First of all, congrats on this great v3 !


When playing a file (usually 1.5 MHz BW, recorded with an ELAD S2), audio is regularly stuttering. Sometimes, the screen even freezes.

CPU and GPU are both under 10% though (I'm running a Core i7-4700 HQ laptop, 8 Go RAM, W8.1).


How could I fix this ?


Another couple of questions : where are the Favourites frequencies saved ? The other day, I cancelled them by error, so I'd like to make a backup.


Finally : Simon, do you intend to add a manual notch in a future version ? As a NDB DXer, despite I made the CW filter as narrow as possible, it's not enough to get rid of some carriers close to weak beacons.




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