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Seems Microsoft started hiding the Sound Mixer with the Windows 7 release or sometime there 'bouts.� As far as I know all variations of Windows have it but may not be enabled to see.� If you have a speaker icon in the lower right quick access bar you can right-click it with the mouse then select it.
I found this web page to be helpful
The volume mixer is helpful to set or mute individual device levels and see what audio devices are being used.

With a virtual audio cable VAC or VB-Cable (that I use) you can be running your favorite decoder software and turn the speaker volume down or mute it without affecting the software decoding.� The DSDPlus software I have been playing with lately is nice because it has the option to use the pc's local IP so no additional software is needed to install.� With digital trunking two receivers are needed and easily configured using a second IP,

Dale, WB8CJW

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>but I seem to
recall that some sound card drivers allowed
Stereo Mix and some did not


This is true. Sometimes Stereo mix, What You Hear, Wave etc may not be available.
But if Device Manager says Microsoft drivers are used it may be worthwhile installing the drivers from the manufacturer's site.
Or installing another device.

Or going for VB Cable or VAC..

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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