Re: How can i reset SDR Console V3 ?

WB8CJW <dale.elshoff@...>

I have been having this problem as well. I use an E4000 and R820T2 dongle. After the first install everything was working fine until I tried to correct the dongle calibration or get the s-meter to display or find the volume control. Once it gets into this mode of "going into signal avalanche" at startup I haven't been able to get the program to start up until I remove the dongles and clear the rtlsdr registry entry. In the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER&#92;SOFTWARE&#92;rtlsdr up to 7 dongles may be listed at times with various id and serial numbers (I only have two dongles). Often the values do not match what the rtl_eeprom utility indicates the id is.

If I delete the registry entries, restart SDR Console and do a new search with RTL SDR (USB) sometimes the program will start up if only one is plugged into the pc. But then the audio continuously "pops". I just can't get it to run the way it was when I first installed V3 rev. August 17, 2016 update.

I will try removing V2 and see if that has any effect.


On 8/29/2016 9:01 AM, dr@... [sdr-radio-com] wrote:

Very strange - here's a screen capture to show that it's there (at least for some of us).


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