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I have exactly the same problem with V3.  I wish this would get resolved, I spent several days fooling around trying to get it to work.  It was recommended to install V2 and that has been working fine.


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Hello all,


 Can anyone give me an idea as to what is going on in this screen capture? I recently updated/upgraded to the new SDR-Console V3 using an RTL unit that goes from 100 KHz to 2 GHz. I have used it before on previous V3 and worked quite fine. In the new  version looks like it goes into overload. I have tried SDR-Console Tools Reset and still where I am now. I have also tried updating with the RTLTool Distribution 20160804. I do have  zadig_2.2 driver installed.


Dell 13" XPS, 16GB Memory, i7, Win 10 latest upgrade/update.


 On another note. I have installed/uninstalled a couple times and I also had to uninstall both the Visual C++ library’s that are installed as each time I did an uninstall of SDR-Console and on re-installed it and it did add in the Library's again, so I did have 4 separate loads of both the Visual C++ packages and I unstated them all and started again so as to only have one copy of the library's now. I had this problem before with duplicate library's and did removed them as before, but after it was all done it all worked, just not this time.


 To me it appears that the RTL is either overloading (not likely) or it isn't seeing the programmable SDR chip correctly.


 I do have this working  on my other machine (desktop) using SDR-Play.


Thank you,

I know video attachment is a bit large,I did trimmed it down a bit.


Ben ARS w4qed

same RPi 3 on 1 TB  and 4 TB video miniLDNA media server.





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