Re: Progressively degrades after installation

WB8CJW <dale.elshoff@...>

Thanks Mark & Glenn,

I picked up the "RTL Support Kit" with the three .dll's from the M3GHE web site. I am using an old E4000 from NooElec that I repackaged into an aluminum die-cast box and added a simple temperature compensation network to help keep it on frequency. The newer stick is a NooElec 'NESDR', R820T2 with the +/-0.5 ppm and a little better noise figure that I use for VHF/UHF.

libusb-1.0.dll, 6/15/2014 (
rtlsdr.dll, 3/26/2016 ( Joanne Dow)
SDRSourceRTL2832U.dll, 3/26/2016 ( Joanne Dow)

Looks like the drivers have the " {^_^} " touch.


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