Progressively degrades after installation

WB8CJW <dale.elshoff@...>

I have been trying to resolve this problem for over a week where after a fresh install Console V3.0, build 419 works for about 15 minutes to an hour then the audio begins popping and the spectrum display grows a massive spike in the center that fills the spectrum in 2 seconds or less then collapses.   The program remains started but nothing is displayed on the spectrum or waterfall.  If I press Stop then Start, it immediately goes into the runaway mode and in 2 or 3 seconds the spectrum and waterfall display again go blank.

Sometimes I can get the software to start up again where everything looks OK but the audio drops out about once per second or it starts with a continuous motorboat sound.

I am using an E4000 and a R820T2 SDR dongle - both work with SDR# and HDSDR.

I tried reinstalling to only overwrite the existing files but still same problem.  Also I deleted the registry folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ (V3)\Console\Ident0.  I found the only way to get it started again is to run IOBit Uninstaller which also removes any residual files that may be in a folder or in the registry after uninstalling then start over doing a new installation, add the three RTL-SDR USB support files and configure the RTL USB devices.

My pc received the recent Micro$oft update and the IDT audio driver was updated as well.  That, unfortunately did not fix the problem.  Discovered the audio recording function was disabled which was preventing the audio mix function to feed SDR audio to FLDigi.

System info:
Laptop:            HP EliteBook 8440p
Processor:       Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 520 @ 2.40GHz
OS Name:       Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, Version  10.0.14393
Memory:        4 GB (1.44 GB free)
Data Width :  64 bit
Drive:              Solid state, 148.07 GB (88.80 GB free)

I have run out of ideas and am not seeing any similar problems submitted from anyone else.  Can anyone provide some help?




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