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John G4SWX

Hi Simon,

Sorry I am at work at the moment :-(

My remote server is at home and not on-line - I will put it on around 18.00UTC this evening for the weekend.

On the soundacrd rate it is highly probable that the E-Mu drivers do not transfer the rate control from Windows. I will try to take a look. At the moment I have just used the E-Mu command utility to set the sample rate, 96, 192KHz etc and mirror this when I drive the console. After a bit of playing I had it running at 192KHz last night on 40m - Laptop connected by WiFi to neighbours AP - via their ISP - Internet - my ISP - router/firewall - remote server. Very good definition on the waterfall and pretty good audio (but the delay).
The delay will be a long term problem - however in the short term it would be good to be able to delay the spectrum display within the console to match the audio.

I can't run SKYPE in this corporate environment - so it will have to be evenings or weekends

John G4SWX

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This sound delay is most annoying - it can be up to ten seconds here. I'll
attack it soon but have higher-priority issues at the moment. I honestly
have no idea where the sound is being buffered!

I don't set the sample rate of the soundcard, rather tell Windows what rate
to return data. I assume that 44.1kHz is the native (i.e. hardware) sample
arte and that this can be set to various values such as 48kHz or 96kHz.

I would like to resolve this issue with you via SKYPE so that I can use your
server and see things hang and...

I'm hb9drv and sdr-radio-com on SKYPE.

Simon Brown, HB9DRV

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I really DO like the SDR-Radio kits - I have been running a USRP 1 and a GNU
Radio interface driving LINRAD for some time and have also played with a web
version based upon the WEBSDR. I am aiming to build a set of remote VHF
beacon receivers based upon modified Softrocks.

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