Softrock V6.2 and V9.0 unmade kits available

Dom Baines M1KTA

I find I have two Softrock V9.0 RX kits with electronic switched band pass filters surplus as built two for someone else who provided their own kits in the end and not planning on building another soon. They were obtained from Tony only just last month and should have V15.12 AVR I can check and if needs be update them.

They were from Tony KB9YIG without CMOS Si570 but pretty sure I have a couple spare from last buy from Tom.

I also have a range of un made V6.2 RX Lite kits (old style not version II) these are fixed frequency RX for bands 160m to 10m. See for details of what these look like. You can use these with a DDS or other crystals for LF/VLF or VHF use, I use one as a 500KHz SDR RX using a 4MHz xtal.

Initially, to UK only please ... anyone interested as I know they work with Simon's new software?

Will sell any of these at cost which is what they cost me from Tony and the Si570 from Tom if needed add whatever postage is from me.



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