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I'm interested in the answer also


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I live about 2Kms from a 50KW medium wave broadcast antenna, at the moment I can hear this all over the bands. If I used an active loop antenna, would the interference from the broadcast station


a>     Increase

b>     Decrease

c>     Stay the same


As I only have a small city yard “Real” antennas won’t fit.




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I use a larger aperture loop (5 meters per side square) with my
Wellbrook loop product. It is essentially omnidirectional, despite its

I mounted the loop wire on a pair of 30 ft "Jackite" brand pushup
fiberglass poles set 5 meters apart, and it worked swell. Again, it was
essentially omnidirectional throughout the HF spectrum. I took it down
only to place it farther away from the transmit antennas.

Just MY take - your mileage may vary !

Happy Trails -

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> Antennas for different purposes, that loop is huge and directional, the
> shielded loop is omnidirectional for sky waves. It is physically small
> so people with small lots can still use them.

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