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thanks for the quick response, I have taken the photo and am know trying to figure out how to send it.!!

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To help us find a solution, you need to take a screenshot from the camera icon top left and post as an attachment in here.
Try to start your radio before you take the pic, so some of us can have a look and see where the problem is.

Jim, Bournemouth, Dorset. IO90BR.

Elad FDM-S2, Perseus/FM+, SDRPlay and Funcube Dongle SDR Recievers
8-element OP-DES for Band 2, 12-ele ZL Special for 2m, plus wideband vertical.
Wellbrook 1530 Loop for LF

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Subject: [sdr-radio-com] SDR PLAY & SDRCONSOLE.V2.3

Hello all trying to get my SDR Play to play with SDR Console 2.3......all appears to be as it should, SDR PLAY is shown in the Select Radio box, with the green tick adjacent, click on that and press Start and I get the main screen.

My problem is I have no audio whatsoever, I have verified that the souncard & speakers work....but all is quiet.

Assuming I have a setting wrong somewhere.......any help greatly appreciates, I am using windows 7 operating system.

thanks, Rodger/GM3JOB
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