Re: sdr-play not recognized

David J Taylor

I think that some of the comments about Youssef are a bit unfair. He produces his own SDR radio (AirSpy) and his own software for it, SDR#. This takes up all of his time along with further upgrading of his software and future projects.

So why should he also modify SDR# so that it will work on a competitors receiver such as SDRPlay? Doing that would just make a competitor's product more flexible than it already is.

SDRPlay is sold with no software at all, so why should a competitor be expected to supply it with some? That is like buying a Ford with no motor and expecting GM to send you a free one :-)

Regards, Mike Simpson


SDR# /used/ to work with SDRplay, with software developed and supplied free by SDRplay, as they do for HDSDR.

It's my understanding that SDR# was modified to as it will not work with SDRplay and plug-ins (such as the frequency manager). It's a pity that the two can't get together and resolve the situation.

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