Re: sdr-play not recognized

bob johnson

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Youssef said:
>"So you expect us to document every single hardware that may or may not work with SDR#? Or is it just about naysaying? I don't like nonsense."

No one on this forum likes nonsense, Youssef. You were asked a legitimate question and you responded with 'Hah "Deliberately". We just don't have the resources to develop stuff for others - for free.'

If you don't have the resources to develop stuff, why are you in this business?

Your socialist training sticks out like a sore thumb in an open market driven world...

I think you would sell many more sdr radios if you would act like a businessman rather than pouting and insulting others..  

I left your forum to get away from your snide remarks, so why do troll to other forums and act childish?


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