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I still spend a lot of time improving SDR#/Airspy, so I'm still giving
you more value even after your purchase - for free.

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Interesting take, Mr. No-Name. From MY perspective, we have suffered way more problems with the AirSpy dong, than all else combined! Not that I am complaining... just saying... ;-)

Of course, this is ham radio, which is all about experimentation, and buying stuff still in development, so It is OK if that is your bag ... I am just saying...

I don't accept all that palaver about it being "free" - If you buy an SDR, it ought come with software. The fact it comes with undeveloped beta-ware for no extra cost, hardly makes it "free' - it is is included with the rig for a stated price. Especially, if it is is being developed exclusively for a particular product line.

In contrast, I know a guy who actually does give away free software which is NOT being developed for a particular product line. It actually IS FREE. In fact, the developer works hard to make it compatible with as many devices as he can. When it comes to limitations, he does not say, "Ha - that is deliberate!"

My delete button broke deleting all the posts dealing with the Air Spy and its kin.

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My comments are limited expressly to the discussion of SDR # as another application here in this forum -- I have NO OBJECTION to discussing how to make SDR Console work with any rig. It is now painfully clear Simon works hard to make HIS application with with all sorts of hardware, but the developer of SDR# expressly indicates he is not equally interested in producing any software for other brand rigs, which is his prerogative, but I cannot see why he has to brag about it on this forum.

Happy Trails to y'all.

Just one man's take - your mileage may vary.

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