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I still spend a lot of time improving SDR#/Airspy, so I'm still giving you more value even after your purchase - for free. Also, I'm working on many other hardware/software projects in parallel. So you can imagine the time resources are extremely scarce. You will have to find a very good rationale for me to leave all these exciting projects and do something else. For the time being I see none. And thank you for the proposal.

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Hah "Deliberately". We just don't have the resources to develop stuff for
others - for free.

Youssef, that I can accept, but perhaps you might explain to me (and others)
what the problem is? Setting the frequency by clicking with the mouse
results in the frequency display changing, and in a frequency which is
communicated to the radio (including SDRplay). Using the Frequency Manager
plug-in results in the frequency display changing, but that change isn't
communicated to the radio. Why not?

As a user of both three Airspy boxes and an SDRplay, I feel that I have
already contributed something towards the costs of developing SDR# (indeed,
were that program more open I might happily be prepared to add the code
required free of charge).

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