Re: Video Demonstration of SDR-Radio with LD-1B Front-End Hardware


Good videos, Peter- thanks. I am seeing two issues (for what it's worth) when I try to decode:

- My decode window Freq is always off from the console window
- When console windows are booming in, decode window stays pretty much dark- no waterfall traces in decode window

Will try a couple of other machines to see if it's sound card related.

---- Peter <pete@...> wrote:

I've created a two-part video demonstration of SDR-Radio, using a Lazy
Dog Engineering LD-1B as the front-end hardware. Among other things,
the demo videos show the following: -How to start and set up SDR-Radio
for use with an LD-1B -How to add new "crystal" frequencies -A couple of
soundcard setup pitfalls and how to avoid them -How to use the Data
Decoder to demodulate PSK-31 and CW-How the Image Rejection adjustments
Part I can be seen at
Part II can be seen at
I hope they will be useful!
For more info on the LD-1B, visit
73,Pete Goodmann, PE, MSEE,
<> Inconveniently located 110 km. from
Radioville, Indiana

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