Re: FunCube Dongle & Simon's SDR


Hi Roger, G7RUH ,
You lucky OM !

I have re-tested and found that I have pushed the button "Buy Now" at 00' 00" (my PC clock synchro +-1")
and compiled all and pushed "PayNow " about 3" later....  ways TOO MUCH !! 
OK for the hen's teeth , I did not know that, vy comic.
We say here something alike that but not so fine, using a 4 letter words ...

I asked time ago about FCD support, but Simon is too busy, he has not yet answered my question about FCD .
Anyway, I hope that he'll do it and give some support.

Abt FCD it would be interesting if also the IQ signals were available to external world, I guess;
but I am not at all expert in this field, so maybe I say something silly.

Anyway keep me informed about yuour tests with that.
Maybe I have found a product alike that, not aimed at the Ham Market; need to study it better, (autopsia) I have it here from some time now.

73 and thanks Roger!
                             Augusto HB9TZA / I2JJR

PS Are you the same G7RUH (I am not sure to remember well the call ) that had so much to do with the BeeB these times?

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I have one of them (No. 105), and yes they are more rare than hen’s teeth (as we say in English) and I am available for testing it for Simon if / when required under various versions of Microsoft operating systems.  Just to make you jealous, it does seem rather good! Keep trying, it would seem that there is a larger batch in sight, soon, real soon.


73 de Roger G7RUH

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