Re: Windows 10 WARNING

Leif Asbrink

Hello Ron,

I have not followed what happened with Airspy. I think there
is new firmware as well as a new dll, but I do not think
the drive routine has been changed.

I do not know details, but I think perseus, rtlsdr, softrock
and all other USB use the same WinUSB from Microsoft that
Airspy is using. The difference is that the Airspy contains
the code that makes Windows understand while everyone else
has to install libusb-1.0 which somehow interfaces between
the application program and WinUSB.

So yes, there is a relation, they all use WinUSB - but they
do it completely independently as far as I can understand.



Leif, this explains the trouble I experienced recently when installing the Airspy and had audio stuttering. First when you plug the Airspy in the pc it installed the drivers from its own library, but when I installed the modified drivers from Youssef nothing changed. Now the Airspy on my laptop with the clean W8.1 install works perfect as the desktop with W10 is still stuttering from time to time.

Is there a relation with the Perseus and Airspy drivers with Zadig?

73' Ron

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