Re: SDR Console, Perseus USB3 problem

Leif Asbrink

Hello Clement

Be careful. Win 10 is not forgiving - (but the developers
intended it to be forgiving when removing "all" one just
removes the latest. Frustrating if you do not know...)

First of all. You must use the device manager to uninstall
perseus, unknown(1) as well as associated software.

IMPORTANT: Windows will only uninstall the latest but you
must make sure all the attempts to install a driver are
removed. You must run the uninstall repeatedly and I do not
remember if it is enough to unplug and again connect the
perseus or if one has to reboot in between.

Finally, when the oldest driver is uninstalled, you will
find that zadig reports driver (none) and that means you
can install winUSB after loading perseus.cfg into zadig.

I think you must rename the executable or move it to a different
directory because Win 10 may remember the old faulty driver you
used. It does in Linrad - but that could perhaps be because
of the way Linrad loads and unloads libraries at run time.
(To me it seems this aspect of Win 10 is a bug. I can not
understand how this could be the intended functionality.)



nothing works
Perseus, HDsdr, work.
probably using the old driver
I will continue this after noon.

F59465 Clement

2015-10-22 3:56 GMT+02:00 Leif Asbrink leif@... [sdr-radio-com] <

Hello Clement,

indeed nothing works !
good night
You wrote: "Perseus & HDSDR Work" so you mean that
SDRConsole.exe does not work regardless what you do but
that perseus.exe as well as HDSDR work with the Perseus

Maybe try to rename SDRConsole.exe to SDRC.exe or whatever.

I made a mistake, SDRConsole does not use a 32 bit dll, it has
its own set of dll files which are 64 bit. They work fine here
and I have verified they are fine for perseus in 64 bit Linrad
for which I did not have any dll files before:-)



2015-10-21 23:23 GMT+02:00 clement F59465 <f59465@...>:

WOW !I work on the PC to operate.

Perseus & HDSDR Work

F59465 Clement

2015-10-21 23:36 GMT+02:00 Leif Asbrink leif@...
[sdr-radio-com] <

Hello Simon,

Have a look at 6:20 in this video:



Simon Brown' simon@... [sdr-radio-com]" <
sdr-radio-com@...> wrote:


I don't think Perseus is a 64-bit program, this is the problem. I'm
for Nico to test the 64-bit DLLs before they are made available.

Simon Brown G4ELI


F59465 Clement

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