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John G4SWX


I really DO like the SDR-Radio kits - I have been running a USRP 1 and a GNU Radio interface driving LINRAD for some time and have also played with a web version based upon the WEBSDR. I am aiming to build a set of remote VHF beacon receivers based upon modified Softrocks.

The first thing that I have done is to run up the Remote server(currently on a dual core 3.1GHz XP SP3 machine)with a Softrock v9 on 40m. I can run a console on the same PC or another PC on the local LAN and now, after a couple of firewall changes, from the Internet.

I can log-in and operate over the Internet; but on the SDR-Radio remote server list I get the icon for having a firewall issue. Do this down to the way that I am running the server in a DMZ and using NAT?

The main problems I have revolve around the interfacing of the remote server and the E-Mu 0202 USB soundcard. I have used the 0202 as it is probably the best performer for modest money and possibly the 2nd or 3rd most popular with the sound-card based SDR community. I have run the remote server up with a Delta 44 and there were no issues at 96KHz sampling although at lower rates I sense, from the familiar bangs and pops it is suffering from wrong buffer length/latency issues on the input audio streams. On the E-Mu 0202 I have now established that although the presence of the card is detected by the sdr-radio software the interface to change the sample rate doesn't work. This is a particular problem as the 0202 defaults to 44.1Khz sampling when it starts without a sample rate being selected by a software application. Therefore attempting to change the sample rate on the remote server with the console causes a console conflict and the software to hang...

Otherwise, even when sitting on the same LAN with a high performance 2.6GHz dual core PC console I am noticing a several second delay between the Waterfall display and the sound output. Often around 4 seconds it makes tuning around rather difficult. I understand why there is a significant delay in deconding the sound but could the effects not be mitigated by introducing a variable delay in the spectrum display.

Great start but a few bugs to go

John G4SWX

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Hi all...

Whilst Simon will be monitoring messages I am sure I will try and pick up some of the support issues that appear here related to the use of SDR-Radio and Softrock SDR RX and eventually RXTX.

I will add to the files section some docs about the installation and configuration ffor the softrock and various different windows operating systems and SDR-Radio.

At this time I will not include anything associated with running it on Linux or Wine as neither are supported.

Unfortunately, I have a day job so useful responses sometimes might take a few days.



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