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Larry Ewan

If your network is a “standard” configuration, then is your router.  If you forward to your router it will just discard it.  You must have your router forward it to the IP address of the computer that is running the server software.  For instance in my network, my SDR-IQ is on, so in the port forwarding dialog on the router I enter for the forward, and 7999 in both the TCP and UDP entries for LAN and WAN.  Hope this helped.
Larry N9JY

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Interesting Philip . I'll play around some more tonight. I'll read Simon's instructions some more to make sure I have not missed anything obvious.  There does not seem to be a lot that you can miss. I guess I need to first figure out what 'server is not listening on the selected port" is referring to, my ports (7999) or Simon's port (7995).  I am assuming 7999.  I also need to double check the IP address that I specified in my port forwarding configuration .  I used but I remember in the old days of SDR-Radio V1 I had to specify a different last digit .
Andy K3UK

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