Re: Intel's "PC on a USB stick/drive"

Lee Mushel

I hope someone does test this for SDR interest.   I will admit that I was surprised to be able to run my SDR-IQ and Flex1500 on the little WinBook tablet with the display also on the 83 inch TV!  Receive only so far.  With a combination like this RF is definitely a problem!    But still definitely interesting.   Of course Simon is definitely correct in saying that if curiosity isn't important in your decisions buying a PC when they are selling for just a little over $200 makes more sense.
Lee  K9WRU

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SIR-related perhaps as additional potential for running SDR-Radio or similar software...

Closer to actual-use reality, but even excited industry insiders say still initially too expensive and "potentially flimsy at a high initial price".

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