Re: A new challenge or positive possibility for SDR ?


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Were do you find all of this? You are quite resourceful!e  >>

Depends...some of it is from being in an industry that takes me to universities, labs, occasionally to OEM's labs and campus research, occasionally travel to national labs, etc.
Some of the best info simply falls into my email box, some attracted by news search tools that are running, other comes from my travels where I get the OK to pass information on, etc.

Sometimes talks with fellow researchers, writers and publishers. Gadz, meaning a LOT of Skype and other vid-conferencing.

Not much "cloak and dagger" affairs or bribes, really...much comes from being in a right place at a right time.
Grin, then there's the occasional travel with pizza provided lunches, and...

...but then, if I told you everything, I would have to kill myself, then eat the evidence and swallow it. Believe me, that's a hard process.

Joe Rotello / Knoxville, TN / USA

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