IC7000/FC+ comparison

paul newcombe <G6YZC@...>

A friend with a very serious 10 GHz set up has been trying to work out the best RX for us to use on our 10 GHz /p trip to North Carolina next month. www.emerovers.com  He has a "lossless: splitterĀ in line so that he can run up to 4 receivers at once from the same signal. A wonderful piece of kit. I use mine all the time for EME as I can run 3 RX at once including 2 FC+ one to WJST via SDR Console and the other straight to Map65.
In the video you can compare the RX of CW, he was running on 10 GHz EME at the time, between the Icom and the FC+.

Paul N2EME

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