Re: Ettus B200


Hi Chris,

It does not look like. I have sold my HackRF and taking into consideration all the additional cost for filtering, amplifiers and control boards required to make the other "experimental" boards work for ham radio (my interest) I have stopped investing in it. 

At this stage (my assumption) most folks within the ham community are really interested in the RX part and so similar to Simon we are using current transceivers and for the RX part FCD+, RTL dongle or the AirSpy. That seems to be the most promising route right now. Interfacing can happen on the antenna side (requires RX protection of the SDR receiver) and/or on the IF side of the radio (requires radio mods). 

In the future I can see primarily three things happening. First, we will have the established SDR companies (e.g., Flex, Anan, etc) do an additional VHF/UHF board, or transverter insert. Secondly, the Icoms and Kenwoods of the world will add dedicated IF SDR ports to their radios (at least for RX) to capture a good part of the market and lastly someone will have a dedicated VHF/UHF radio at least for ham radio use. 

My 2 cents,

Stefan, VE4NSA

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