Re: Satellites: NetSDR/DownConveter + TS-2000

Simon Brown



It’s working with OmniRig so any standard radio will be fine. I’m having fun on FO-29, with each pass I’m ironing out errors in the code, I’m using the TMate II to control the SDR & mute the audio while I speak as the delays make me crazy J .


Shame there isn’t more satellite activity – the next pass would be a good one for US & Canada ó Cornwall.


Simon Brown G4ELI


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Good for you. Now, you know what is coming your way?? Request for more radios (support for TX). How about the IC-9100? Just to put a pitch in :-) Running mine with SatPC32 right now and the airspy on Sdr-radio.

Stefan, VE4NSA

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