Re: Satellites: NetSDR/DownConveter + TS-2000

Simon Brown

K8YSE, FO-29, beautiful QSO. All that programming paid off…


Simon Brown G4ELI


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Listening with the NetSDR + Down converter, transmit with the TS-2000.


First pass of FO-29 – total cock-up my side.

Second pass of FO-29 – worked DM2FB, CT3FM, IK8YSS, M0NPT, OM3CLS, GM4ILS.


The Satellite tracking in the console also provides Doppler-correction for the TS-2000. So my idea is viable, I still need to refine this J .


Next pass in 48 minutes will be interesting – covers new England and the UK at the same time.


Simon Brown G4ELI


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