I see a lot of folks selecting to use broadband preamps. Unless they are placed close or right at the antenna, they will amplify all the noise and garbage picked up in-between. In most cases they will only raise the noise floor and do nothing for noise to signal ratio. 

First rule: Invest in good, high gain antennas
Second rule: Invest in the lowest low loss coax cable you can (based on the frequency)
Thirdly: If you use a preamp at all, have it right at the antenna and specific for a band or special frequency to only amplify what is truly a potentially weak signal.
Fourth: Select a preamp with RF protection and the lowest noise figure you can get (and NO you won't get them for a few $)
and last, don't use a broadband amp at the receiver, it only amplifies your noise and you need to adjust your internal SDR amplification which is already good enough,.

My 2 cents,

Stefan, VE4NSA

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