Great Software and some comparisons


Hi Simon... Great Software, downloaded it Sunday evening and when I saw the Shortwave Broadcast Stations database, I was blown away.

Last year I started with the Elektor SDR and G8JCF software. Then went to Winrad and three weeks ago purchased the RFSpace SDR-IQ.

Some things I like on Winrad that I would like to see options in the program.

I like the more crisp wave forms in Winrad and SpetraVue, more like that of an oscilloscope. I notice a tall solid vertical base in comparison to the actual height of the wave. Its more difficult to analyze the wave. Could choice be added to get a different view of the wave?

In Winrad AM a bandwith over 5kHz can be selected, and the ECSS really makes AM sound awesome. Can a bandwith for AM be extended above the 4kHZ?

Just curious if drivers for the Elektor will be added??

Over the years I have several different photo editing software packages, each are used, depening on what has to be done. I see this with SDR software.

I love the new software, but miss some of the items I mentioned. Plan to keep them all on the computer.


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