Softrock Si570 control?

Ken , VK7KRJ <vk7krj@...>

Hi all, the latest version of the console gives the impression of being able to control the Si570 on a SoftRock, is this only for a local SoftRock- I can't seem to get it to change the frequency of the SoftRock v9 on my remote computer?
When I go into Input Source, Options, SoftRock Support, it is blank and pressing refresh doesn't do anything.
At the moment, I am running Rocky on the remote computer (it's not very remote- it's on the bench next to the computer running SDR-Radio) to change frequency.
Am I missing something, or is the remote side of Si570 control still to do?

Also Simon, on the latest version, when I move the slider on the lower frequency scale, the upper frequency scale doesn't change to match the new centre frequency any more. However, when I hover the cursor in the main window, the frequency display in the top centre of the main window shows the correct frequency, as does the digital display on the top right.

Other than that, it just keeps getting better.

Cheers, Ken

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