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Simon's SDR console can add memories and recall them so it won't be a big deal to switch the SDR-IQ input to the FT-950 pigtail and recall the IF setting for panadaptor use and then switch the SDR-IQ input to an antenna and use the SDR console for a shortwave radio.

Simon said that a next revision of HRD would have an SDR-IQ mode so you would have your choice of several control surfaces to use.


As an aside, the forum didn't seem to get a lot of input.... this Yahoo group seems to be a big hit!


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Just got my RF Space SDR-IQ and IF-2000 for my FT-950. This is my first SDR. I use HRD all the time. So I do know that fantastic software somewhat. Can the IQ and the SDR-Radio be set up to do both, be a receiver on it's own and be use with the FT-950. Can I put a switch on the input? Whats the best way, if it can be done. Should have everything installed this weekend. Thislooks like it may be the future of radio. Thanks in advance

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