Re: No Audio V2.1 b1580


I got it figured out........

Apparently, I did not have the audio enabled on VFO A. I was only running the bottom screen at the time so as to not take up too much of the display on my laptop. In the process I had turned the volume ALL THE WAY UP. So when I just so happen to click on VFO B and..............AHHHHHHHH!!!!! LOL :) It about blew my ears off. I was grabbing plugs and all sorts of things so as not to wake my housemate to get the volume turned down. VFO B had the audio enabled and I did not realize it.

Oh, the wonders of amateur and SDR radio. :)

So all is well here :)

Thanks for the reply's :)

73's and Merry Christmas :)

Steve/KC8LQV :)

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