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Dom Baines M1KTA

OK. Will focus on the MOBO for June


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Let's see - I should be able to feed the TX I+Q back through the receiver to
check the quality of the TX data, so for the time being I'm OK. For me to
text the TRX I'll use the MOBOKIT.

The TX plans are:

1) Actually generate I+Q for TX

2) Provide full MOBOKIT support

The MOBOKIT could be a very exciting transceiver :)

I'll then add TRX support for other radios such as Lazy Dog and <name
forgotten> Nick's radio from Australia. But first I have bugs to fix and
from May 3rd to 17th I'm away on holiday as GD4ELI.

Simon Brown, HB9DRV

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After I have finished obtaining the LPF output TX figures from it for Tony
Parks and boxed it up I will probably not use it again until after the
summer so do you want me to send you the finished Ensemble Softrock RXTX I
had built? The one I built was for 80m/40m so should be fine for EU. It will
have the save firmware as the V9.0 RX you have and the TX/PTT control is the
same as a V6.3.

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