Waterfall "Automatic colour scaling"

Mark &#92;(G4PCS&#92;) <g4pcs@...>

A couple of comments on build 404...

I'd like to turn off the waterfall's automatic colour scaling (I don't like the way the "colour agc" works every time a signal appears, I'd rather it just stayed constant). I can see the button to deselect auto scaling in the settings, but once turned off how do I adjust the range manually, since clip & gain are disabled with Auto turned off? I'm sure I *used* to be able to do it... A feature I'd like to see is a one-shot auto scale, which works really well in spectravue.

When playing back an IQ data file, it'd be useful if the waterfall/spectrum could be automatically adjusted to the bandwidth of the data file (and centred appropriately). At the moment it takes a bit of faffing to sort it out every time a file is played :)

Any chance the show/hide state of the "Ribbon" can be stored between invocations please?

Generally, getting better and better - congrats Simon :D

73, Mark G4PCS

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