Re: Build 404 - AM & FM fixed

Simon HB9DRV <simon@...>

Good news, I would like a TS-590, don't forget my FTDX-5000 (with 300Hz filter) please :)


Until then I'll just get on with the bug-fixing, next kit'll probably be tomorrow or so...


Simon Brown, HB9DRV


From: sdr-radio-com@... [mailto:sdr-radio-com@...] On Behalf Of RFSPACE


I am not sure if there will be a good way of extracting a wide IF on the TS-590S. I have one on order so will know soon. It is my understanding that the IF is in the 11 MHz range and always the same. If there is easy access, then I might make a board for it. There is nothing on TX side from our end yet.


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