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I am not sure if there will be a good way of extracting a wide IF on the TS-590S. I have one on order so will know soon. It is my understanding that the IF is in the 11 MHz range and always the same. If there is easy access, then I might make a board for it. There is nothing on TX side from our end yet.

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The TS-590S may be a problem so wait until we do know more about this radio.

SDR transmitter from Pieter? You'll have to wait for an official announcement from him, for only he knows what he's doing ;)

Simon Brown, HB9DRV

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My wife K0INA and I were at Dayton this year and when you received the award,  I was pleased for you.  I also saw the TS-590 and we have been waiting for its arrival.  Since then you commented of seeing it at a hamfest.  Yesterday you commented about adding that radio  to the software.  Does this mean the Kenwood TS590 looks promising for SDR use with RF Space radios and your software???  

I also spoke with Pieter and I got a feeling he may be leaning toward a transmitter option.  If that is the case, I will wait a longer.  SDR link to operating is going to be my path.   

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