Re: Build 403

Calder Latham

    Well let me give this a try...
    Below the Band change section there should be things like 'AGC' 'CW' 'NB' etc. If not click the 'More options' and they will appear.
    Left click any of those and a "RX Options "  box will open on the left.
    You will find up and down arrows to open or close each option on the right side of this box.
    Spectrum scope will open a window and there will be drop downs (little arrows) which will show you what your options.
    The same for Waterfall.
    Hope this helps.

          All the Best
         Cal, W1HHO
     Fraternity Village ME.

Sent: Sunday, September 05, 2010 18:30
Subject: Re: [sdr-radio-com] Build 403


> 1) In the Spectrum Scope part of RX Options there are two new
> displays: Spectrum Analysis and S-Meter
> 2) In the Waterfall part of the RX Options you can now have timestamps
> displayed when using a RFspace radio or replaying a wavefile

Could someone please tell me how I can find these?



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