Re: Build 404 - AM & FM fixed

Sam Morgan

On 9/5/2010 2:41 PM, Bruce Tanner wrote:

FYI, I am finding that on the lower BC bands the AM modulation is working very
well... by the time I tune up around 9 MHz and above I have a hum underlying the
carrier on all AM SW BC signals. Tried same frequencies on other software I have
and the hum is not present. Just another annoying little think for your list of
the future... Still enjoying the AM working for the most part.
AMD dual core, XP SP3, Delta 44, K3, Softrock Lite, 96kc
ALL AM sounds fine for me, including in the 9mhz band
tnx for this fix, now I can finally run your software
awesome work Simon, thanks again!
GB & 73
Sam Morgan

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