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Alex P


The 403 build is impressive. Just discovered the 'Auto' signal level option and it's a very big plus since I was doing this adjustment manually. My compliments.

There is one thing that I just became aware of and haven't seen any posts that I can recall on the subject.
With a 50 ohm dummy load to the IQ and the SDR software, I see a noise floor of about -110 dBm. When I switch to Spectravue the floor is about -130 DBm. When connected to either my loop or vertical I get the same kind of relative noise floor differences between SDR and SV.

How do I adjust or calibrate the GUI for this?


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Hi All,


1) Please open the Program Options, look in Console, Spectrum Scope and
select the defaults.

So what's new?

Apart from all the bugs I've added:

1) In the Spectrum Scope part of RX Options there are two new displays:
Spectrum Analysis and S-Meter

2) In the Waterfall part of the RX Options you can now have timestamps
displayed when using a RFspace radio or replaying a wavefile

What else:

1) I have NOT fixed the AM / FM demod problems when sampling at 48kHz, I'll
be looking at this tomorrow.


As always a million and one things to do, two weeks to get the bugs out :)

Simon Brown, HB9DRV

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