Re: Build 403 bug report



Belay that last report - it was a bad download -
gone through the motions again and all is solid as a rock.

In fact, ball-bearing smooth - I dips me lid, Simon



--- In sdr-radio-com@..., "philobarb" <philobarb@...> wrote:

G'day Simon

Like where you're taking this.

Two entries for the bug file ...

1. console starts up with a transparent space where the
clock should be - click on the space, and the clock appears :)

2. tuning in the up direction, past the scope displays upper edge,
causes the S-meter to display S9+(an arbitrary large figure) -
I've had 57 and 60 - followed by the dreaded 'Please Wait'.
This does not happen when tuning down in frequency.

SDR-IQ and AMD-based PC using XP pro SP3

Clean install of b403

Good Luck


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