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The Manx Series

Manx 1000



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Hi Joseph,
Go forth keeping it simple:
                                              "  SDTRX-01  "

Augusto i2jjr/hb9tza

Il 04/09/2010 16.15, Joseph Mettee ha scritto:

but what if it should transmit in the (hopefully) not too distant future?

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Subject: Re: [sdr-radio-com] Name Suggestion
Date: Saturday, September 4, 2010, 9:59 AM

...or also model # 1 :

                                     "  SDRX-01  "

Augusto HB9TZA / I2JJR

Il 04/09/2010 11.32, Simon HB9DRV ha scritto:

Image you have just designed the world's greatest SDR receiver of all time, what would you call it? I'm looking for a series of names.


Any suggestions for a family of names which could be used for SDR receivers?


No prizes for now :)


Simon Brown, HB9DRV


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