Re: b401 strange thing in bandscope

Simon HB9DRV <simon@...>



A known bug in the version you have, one of the things I must fix before letting everyone have it :)


Simon Brown, HB9DRV


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GE, using the sdr-iq as viewer of my 2nd IF at 8.215khz I have noted that:
tuning a cw or rtty station is ok, the bandscope and waterfall show the signals around.
When a station ends the transmission the waterfall shows no signal but the bandscope has still the tuned signal for some seconds and even if I turn the rig's main tune knob the signal in the bandscope moves around
even if the waterfall has no more signal.
In CIAORadio never experienced such U.F.O .
Cannot explain, have you any suggestion ?

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