APT demodulation and processing.

jorschei <kthkit@...>

Hi Simon,

APT demodulation and processing.
I upload a drawing in the files section. It is a flowchart for demodulation and processing the received data from an APT satellite with an I & Q SDR receiver.
Also a good LF data file format / example NOAA18 an input for Wxtolmg.

If it is possible to make a switch but tom (SPECRUM or LF ) before the WAV file recorder input the demodulated low frequency 2400 Hz picture mono data can be stored in the memory instead of the whole spectrum.

This LF data file is the input for Wxtolmg software Thad will process the weather picture. May be this is also useful when a single received audio file must be send to others.
May be this info is useful when improving the FM filter bandwidth / reception.

73' Joris PE1KTH

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