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After I have finished obtaining the LPF output TX figures from it for Tony Parks and boxed it up I will probably not use it again until after the summer so do you want me to send you the finished Ensemble Softrock RXTX I had built? The one I built was for 80m/40m so should be fine for EU. It will have the save firmware as the V9.0 RX you have and the TX/PTT control is the same as a V6.3.

Alex sent me a Mobo V4.3 and Widget Lite (USB Audio, Alex just achieved Stereo with the firmware code so SDR use should be just around the corner now) to build for you complete with a set of mini filters so should have those boxed up with the 4x20 display, fan (will use a 1U copper CPU 12V fan) and rotary controller ready for Freidrishafen 2010. It will look similar to the pictures here with a plastic control knob and a 4x20 LCD display. I'll either pinch one from a Pic-A-Star build as using a 320x240 display on that or order some from a Chinese electronics place and it will be in in a week or so. You OK with black on green or want another colour combination?



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Yes, currently RX only. I'm planning on having full TRX by the end of June
at the latest, first transceiver being the MOBOKIT and SoftRock v6.3 .

With any luck there will be some interesting SDR transceiver announcements
this year.

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Well, I'm nowhere near the first to post, but still in the forefront of
early posts. I've been looking forward to Simon's SDR-radio program.... The
RXTX version. I think this one is still RX only?

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