Re: SDR-IP 1500kHz sample rate

Simon HB9DRV <simon@...>



Resolved: 1,500kHz removed, 1,333kHz and 1,600kHz added, both tested and seem OK.


Simon Brown, HB9DRV


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I'm talking to Pieter about this, I have a number wrong in the Sample Rate calculations, will fix today / tomorrow.


Simon Brown, HB9DRV


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Much has been discussed on this.  Winrad does ECSS very well, in fact perfect,  can they be used as the one to compare against??  I think the line has been drawn in the sand by them on this subject.  The audio on Winrad's ECSS is full, robust and like being in the studio.  I like the sync meter that shows the lock on the carrier.

Nebraska City

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The 1500kHz sample rate available in the software for the SDR-IP seems to respond oddly compared with the 1000 and 2000kHz rates. For example, my local MW station on 900kHz displays as 931 kHz approximately,on the spectrum display, and varies somewhat whenever I try it again. For example one time it turned up around 916kHz. Is this just my setup, or is it a known bug?

I haven't yet tried all the other sample rates, as have been busy trying to learn what the software can and can't do for a DXer who likes to jump around during our short dawn enhancement of MW trans-Pacific stations.



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