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Mike, I rolled with laughter... but appropriate appreciation for your early experience with 'the mains' and the astute wisdom and attention of your father. I am happy you are here to share the story with us today. Having said that... my first, and only encounter, mind you was at age 15. I was newly licensed and proud of my S-85 receiver and Globe Chief transmitter. I had been doing some kind of work with the station and had not yet learned all of the safety points. I had left the cabinet off of the Globe Chief and had turned it on. After that step I was reaching around back of the receiver to attach a ground wire to it when my left elbow became far too intimate with the plate cap on the final of the transmitter. (800 VDC as I recall!) I have always felt fortunate that it knocked me loose and sent me about 12 feet to the other side of the room where I rested on my behind, catching my breath, before promising myself NEVER to do that again... and I have not! :)

Any who have not been initiated to this club... please beware, learn the safety procedures early and hold on to them as late as you can do so...

Bruce, K2BET

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Hello to all.

My name is Mike and my wife and I live in central Texas near Austin. We are both amateur radio operators with CW certifications. My wife is KC5PPL and I am K5CDA.

Having just learned about your group yesterday via an iPad app we also just read Simon's post about becoming interested in radios and electronics. We laughed about the part where Simon plugged into the mains during his first efforts at some real DX!

In fact I did almost the same thing when I was about his age. Russia had just launched the Sputnik satellite and it was an object of fascination for me. I remember my father working on a three tube Hi-Fidelity amplifier one day. He had the parts spread around the living room floor including an old Rabbit Ear antenna. Being around five years old I decided that if I could plug those bare copper lead wires into the mains in our house I would most definitely be able to receive signals from Sputnik!

Being very careful I picked up the end of the ladder line and slipped the copper wires into main, one for each 'pole'. Since i was still eight feet or so from the actual antenna, and could hear nothing, I decided to slowly move closer until I could. Finally, about 12 inches out, the two antenna elements grabbed me up and locked me in.

I remember rolling around the floor being unable to dis engage but still hoping to hear Sputnik. Dad came running into the room, kicked the wires from the outlet, and asked me what the Hell am I doing.

Lesson learned. Never heard Sputnik until a ham radio neighbor tuned it in for me a few days later. I was hooked and still am.



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