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Hi again,

I think I've solved my own question. I had'nt realised there was a
shift control nesting inside the width control! And that seems to be
easy to set up for the purpose of -/+ 1020hz and save - more
impressed with Simon!!

I also would like to see an option to put frequency in use to centre
of display, particularly useful for seeing what/or where the other
offset is.

Best Regards,

Peter g3ufi Hastings UK JO00GV

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Hi all,

Also I'm enjoying the fruits of Simon's labour with the SDR-Radio.

A question is how can I offset the shown frequency (CW-L/CW-U) to
1020hz -/+ then use the filter to narrow it right down. This is to
search for NDBs?


Peter g3ufi Hastings UK JO00GV


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