Keep current frequency always in the center?


Hi Everyone,

This is my first time posting here, so let me express my awe and respect to Simon for his efforts and the great work he is doing with SDR-radio. It is shaping up to be an amazing alternative for RFSpace product users (like me) and I am sure to many other people with different hardware.

Sorry if my question has been answered already, I searched but could not find related posts.
So here goes my question - Is there a way to lock the currently received frequency to always stay in the center of the spectrum/waterfall (or more precisely the lock the spectrum around the current frequency) ? Like in Spectravue, so when tuning the receiver the spectrum is always centered around the current frequency?
I have searched around SDR-radio's options but could not find such an option. At present the marker has to go over the edge of the spectrum for it to jump to the next segment (+- 50 kHz ?!?). So tuning around the bands is kind of "jumpy".

All the best,


PS. I am using SDR-radio with SDR-IQ.

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