Visual preferences for bandpass screen display--location of

Alex P

Hi Simon,
Tried to locate the place in 'Appearance' where I can modify this but was unsuccessful...maybe I missed where it is. This is an area which I think is very user preferential: On the horizontal frequency scales, I would like to modify the bandpass visuals, for example, I prefer no grey-out on the bandpass section, smaller font and different location of the demodulation title, eg:"VFO A", "SAM", "CW", etc. Also, and this is an area which I won't know until I experiment with it, vertical (solid or dashed ?) line bars showing the bandpass boundaries--color would be red, blue or whatever, the user prefers. Adjustable line thicknesses etc. Can you tell me where I can access these attributes so that I can modify them to my preferences? Thanks! Alex.

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