Re: sdr-radio V2 + MAP65


Thanks Simon,

V2 does work very nicely with the RTL-SDR.

What I'm working on is using two of the RTL-SDR dongles running off a common oscillator connected to different polarity antennas for a cheap polarity diversity receiver.

Dispite various posts, I haven't been able to get the rtl-sdr to work with version 1.5 using rtl_tcp. All I get is this in the tcp output window:
client accepted!
ll+, now 1
ll+, now 2
ll+, now 3
ll+, now 4
ll+, now 5

I never get the option to start the radio.

Any ideas on how to get it to work in V1.5?


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I don't have Map65 support in place yet. This will be an option.


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I am new to SDR-Radio...

I have the RTL-SDR dongle working under sdr-radio V2.

How do I route the output of SDR-RADIO to map65? I assumed it would be
through another network connection port 50004 or something. If this is the
case, how do I get V2 to send data to map65 over port 50004?


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